Cambodia Service Trip

A life-changing experience for all

The Cambodia Service Project is one of the signature programs at Ivanhoe Grammar School.

A long-standing tradition at Ivanhoe, the annual service trip runs for two weeks and comprises roughly 60 students and 12 staff. Since 2007, the School has worked with local aid and community organisations to complete building projects and fundraising initiatives. Students work with communities in Phnom Penh and the Peak Sneng village in the Siem Reap region, primarily focusing on several schools.

In 2018 the School partnered with six different organisations and villages, The Demonstration School, Indochina Starfish Foundation, Happy Football Cambodia, Peak Sneng Thymey village, Samraong village where Angkor Kids Centre is situated and Kralanh District Eco Tourism Development Project in Char Kraom village. The School has raised money to buy 85 teacher starter kits for graduating teachers who will work in rural areas. Students also spent six days working on building a new school library and raising the funds for new building materials in the Peak Sneng community.

This truly unique learning experience engages our students and is often referred to by students as a life-changing experience.

The Cambodia Service Project was my first experience in a developing country and it changed my life.

Cambodia Service Project 2018