Ivanhoe Learner


An Ivanhoe Learner is the embodiment of a young person of character.

It is our priority to integrate the attributes of an Ivanhoe Learner into every aspect of the learning experience. We do this so that whatever students set out to accomplish, both in school and in life, they will do so in accordance with the traits of a young person of character.

An Ivanhoe Learner is:

Courageous. We have the confidence and tenacity to take responsible risks to extend our capacity, persevere when presented with a challenge, and learn from our mistakes.

Innovative. We value being original and creative in our thinking, being curious and seeking new opportunities to introduce new ideas or ways of doing things.

Balanced. We develop intellectually, physically and emotionally in a balanced way, enhancing wellbeing.

Collaborative. We value the input of others and seek opportunities for shared effort across a range of methodologies and environments.

Ethical. We value acquiring and building moral judgement in order to be autonomous and responsible.

Reflective. We use our own ideas and experiences and those of others to support our own learning and development.

Compassionate. We take on the feelings and perspectives of others and act intuitively to support them.

From the Early Learning Centre, through to our longest-serving staff, our community of Ivanhoe Learners extends beyond the classroom. Staff, students and families alike are committed to a life of enquiry and learning; from each other and the world around us.

Throughout all experiences at Ivanhoe Grammar School – curricular, co-curricular and community – we strive to embody these characteristics, nurture them in our students and lead by example.

Students, teachers, staff and community. We are all Ivanhoe Learners, committed to a life of enquiry and learning.

Ivanhoe Learner