Inclusion Strategy

Ivanhoe Grammar School aims to have an unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion and acknowledges that rich diversity and greater inclusion makes the school community stronger. Diversity is defined as a collection of individual attributes and differences that together help Ivanhoe Grammar School pursue its educational goals effectively by strengthening the School community. Inclusion is defined in our context as a culture that connects each student, staff member, parent and guardian to Ivanhoe Grammar School with a full sense of belonging; encourages openness, collaboration and fairness; and leverages diversity throughout the School so that all students and staff are able to participate and contribute to their full potential.

Key characteristics of an inclusive school are closely linked to many of the Ivanhoe Learner attributes. Students and staff who are curious, collaborate effectively with others, are compassionate towards others, respect the different perspectives of others, and have the courage to challenge assumptions, are well placed to shape Ivanhoe Grammar School into a more reflective, responsive and inclusive community.