Inclusion Strategy

At Ivanhoe Grammar School we are committed to developing young people of character. As an organisation we strive to grow and foster the moral, civic and performance character of the young people in our care. We strive to ensure that the lived experience of our young people, what they witness and see modelled by the staff and community surrounding them, reflects a culture of character in all dimensions of our School environment.

Central to this lived culture is our acknowledgement and respect for all members of the Ivanhoe Grammar School community. We respect our diversity and uphold our School Principles and Ethos so that everyone has the right to learn, work, feel safe and thrive regardless of race, culture, identity, ability or religion. We are a proud community of inclusion. Embracing inclusion reflects our dedication to preparing our young people for a diverse and equitable society. Our imperative is to educate our young about the importance of inclusion and empower them to become agents of change.

As an employer, recruitment decisions are made with regard to our Strategic Purpose, Principals And Ethos and as reflected in our Ivanhoe Learner attributes. Our School is committed to student safety and attracting and recruiting exceptional staff who contribute to a respectful and inclusive workplace. Our recruitment decisions are made with regard to workforce planning and are aligned to our strategic plan and related operational objectives, and our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion.

The School’s merit-based selection methods ensure recruitment processes identify exceptional staff and that selection decisions are fair, equitable, transparent and consistent. In this context, merit is defined as the skills, knowledge, qualifications, and previous experience relating to the requirements of the position. All staff involved in recruitment and selection carry out their duties without bias or favouritism and are aware of the measures that ensure recruitment and selection decisions are made in accordance with these principles. Our focus is on the candidate’s ability to perform the role.

Ivanhoe Grammar School’s commitment to inclusion reflects our Purpose, Principals And Ethos and fundamental to the nurturing of our young people as compassionate, responsible, and informed global citizens.