Our Founding Principal, Reverend Sydney Buckley, made the following comment, not long after our school was established:

“In a recent issue of a daily newspaper, character training was described as a sideline in education. It is not a sideline. It is the very core of education.”

More than 100 years later, Ivanhoe Grammar School remains committed to this philosophy of developing young people who have moral character, performance character and civic character so that they can be the best version of themselves. We achieve this by providing a breadth of experiences, tapping into the interests and passions of all young people whether it is on the stage, in sporting arenas, in the sciences, mathematics or humanities; or undertaking service-based learning experiences, locally and internationally.

The driving purpose of Ivanhoe Grammar School is to develop and educate young people of character, as defined by the Ivanhoe Learner. As an open entry school we do this by providing a sense of belonging, of wellbeing and encouraging each student to reach for their own personal best in their own areas of interest or talent. By offering an array of tailored curricular programs and co-curricular programs, every child is given the best possible chance to find and pursue a unique way of contributing to the world.

Ivanhoe Grammar School students are truly prepared for life beyond school with awareness, and a sense of purpose and responsibility to the world around them.

Character training is the core of education.

Reverend Sydney Buckley
Founding Principal