Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

The relationship between wellbeing and learning is critical to the development of the whole person.

Feeling comfortable at school and being happy and healthy has a direct impact on each student’s capacity for optimal learning – and for them to be the best they can be in their chosen field. Equally, enjoying school and being engaged in learning influences a student’s wellbeing – in particular, their confidence and resilience.

Wellbeing at all stages

From the Early Learning Centre through to Year 12, we use methods of positive psychology to instil a sense of safety, support and wellbeing in all students. Mindfulness practice is incorporated into classroom activities for younger students, and Wellbeing Sessions are held for senior students where a variety of activities are on offer, designed to relieve stress and instil a sense of calm.

We take an holistic approach to pastoral care, balancing our students’ social, emotional, psychological, spiritual, moral and intellectual development. Our students are supported and motivated to develop their strengths, to grow and learn from challenges and complexities and to develop positive relationships as their foundation for learning.

To ensure our students and staff are well supported, we have a pastoral care team including dedicated teachers and school psychologists. A house and peer support system means all students always have a network of support at all levels.

We also have school chaplains who are committed to inter-faith and overall wellbeing.

House Program

Every student is placed into one of our four Houses: Sherwood, Athelstane, Lincoln or Thoresby and remain in this House throughout their time at the School. Students in both Primary (ELC or Foundation to Year 6) and Secondary (Year 7 to Year 12) take part and each house is made up of students from all year levels, so it’s a great opportunity for students to make friends outside their usual peer groups. Students participate in a range of House activities including sport, trivia and chess as well as the swimming and athletics carnivals that encourage students to participate, dress up and support their House.

The House Program aims to provide opportunities for students to increase their contribution and commitment to the School community, move outside their comfort zone and form supportive relationships with peers and staff. Heads and Deputy Heads of House are passionate pastoral carers. These are staff members who have actively applied for these roles in a very competitive process and are senior leaders within the School. They are sometimes described as the ‘Rock Stars’ of the teaching staff, meaning that these are some of the staff who students most relate to, respect and will open up to.