At Ivanhoe, we understand that choosing a school for your child is one of a parent’s most important decisions.

The process to apply for enrolment is straightforward. To ensure an accountable and equitable process of enrolling students at Ivanhoe Grammar School is maintained, the following process will be followed for all new applications. An application to enrol at Ivanhoe Grammar School must be made on the School’s official application form.

Read the Enrolment Agreement


All prospective parents must complete an application form and return it with a copy of their child(ren)’s birth certificate and registration fee payment to the Registrar’s office. A non-refundable registration fee must accompany each application (please refer to the Schedule of Fees).

A separate application is required for each child.


When the School is ready to continue the enrolment process, parents will be asked to complete a parent questionnaire and return it with the child(ren)’s most recent school report.


After this paperwork is received, parents will be invited to the School for an interview with the Head of Campus or Head of Section.


Based on the questionnaire, report and interview, a Letter of Offer may be forwarded. Parents will then be asked to return a Letter of Acceptance within a time limit and pay the Capital Levy fee (please refer to the Schedule of Fees). When this process is completed, a child has secured a place at Ivanhoe Grammar School. An application is a prerequisite to admission but not a guarantee of admission. The order of priority for applications is siblings of current students, children or grandchildren of members of the Old Ivanhoe Grammarians’ Association, followed by other completed applications based on the date they are received.