Academic Scholarship

Academic Scholarships for entry into Year 7 or Year 10 2026

Registrations will open on Monday 12 August and direct links to register will be available from this date.

Information about the Academic Scholarship

Academic Scholarship opportunities will open on August 12 2024 for students entering Year 7 or Year 10 in 2026.

Academic Scholarship applications are open to external students and currently enrolled Ivanhoe Grammar School students.  International students in receipt of a student visa (subclass 500) or who require a student visa (subclass 500) to study within Australia, are ineligible to apply for this scholarship opportunity.

Academic Scholarship offers are based on the students’ performance in the examination conducted on the School’s behalf by ACER. Students may be requested to attend an interview at the School prior to an offer being made.

Academic Scholarships offer a reduction in the net tuition fees of up to 50%, for the duration of the student’s secondary education.

  • Students sitting the Academic Scholarship test for Year 7 2026 entry will take the ACER Primary test.
  • Students sitting the Academic Scholarship test for Year 10 2026 entry will take the ACER Level 2 test.

Registrations will open on Monday 12 August and direct links to register will be available from this date.

  • Cost of Academic Scholarship registration – $120
  • Registration opening date – Monday 12 August 2024
  • Registration closing date – Monday 14 October 2024 at 4.00pm. Late applications are not accepted.
  • Examination date – Saturday 26 October 2024 at Ivanhoe Grammar School

Once registration opens on 12 August 2024 click on the link and follow these steps:

  • Follow instructions under the heading Academic Scholarship and click the appropriate link
  • You will be taken to the ACER website
  • Click on “Create a Parent Account”
  • If you have previously commenced the application process and need to edit or complete the application select option 2, “Log into your parent account”

Once the student has been registered successfully, a username and password will be sent via email, this will allow you to edit the details if required. A tax invoice will also be emailed; please keep it for your reference.  Ivanhoe Grammar School does not require any further statement as to the student’s suitability for a scholarship or a statement regarding hobbies and interests.

Please complete the online application form with care, ensuring you select the correct Ivanhoe Grammar School Campus and level of test.

Medical Consent Form

All students, including currently enrolled Ivanhoe Grammar School students, must return a completed Medical Consent Form.  This form is to be downloaded upon registering for the Academic Scholarship test and must be completed and returned to the Admissions Manager as instructed. Students will not be permitted to enter School grounds if the Medical Consent Form is not returned prior to testing day.

Purchasing practice tests from ACER

If you wish to purchase practice materials through the ACER website, please purchase the PRIMARY materials for the Year 7 2026 test. Do not purchase Level 1 testing materials as Ivanhoe Grammar School does not use the Level 1 test.

Please purchase LEVEL 2 practice materials for Year 10 2026 test.

If you purchase the incorrect practice test, please call the ACER Parent Hotline on 1300 768 952.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can my child do to prepare?

The test is designed to assess skills the student has been developing during their years at school.  These skills include:

  • the ability to interpret, infer, deduce, and think critically.
  • comprehension skills
  • problem-solving skills
  • reasoning skills

The test is not curriculum-based and does not test the ability to retrieve learned knowledge, so there is no advantage in trying to ‘cram’ for the test. Being relaxed and calm is most important.

For further general test information including:

  • test structure
  • to download free sample questions or purchase practice tests
  • exam tips and strategies
  • or to Log in to your Parent Account

Please visit the ACER website using the following link

Where is the exam held?

  • Students applying for a scholarship at the Plenty Campus will attend Plenty Campus in Doreen to sit the test
  • Students applying for a scholarship at the Ivanhoe Campus will attend the Ivanhoe Campus, in Ivanhoe, to sit the test
  • Detailed information regarding testing day will be sent via email a week before testing

What to bring

  • two (2) blue or black pens for the written expression section of the test
  • two (2) HB or B pencils for the multiple-choice sections of the test
  • a good eraser
  • A nut free snack (to be placed under desk)
  • Water bottle (to be placed under desk)
  • Medications as listed on the Medical Consent form (e.g., Ventolin and Epi pens)

Please note the following are not permitted

  • Writing/working out paper
  • Mobile phones
  • Smart watches
  • Calculators

What to expect if a student is successful?

An Academic Scholarship offers a reduction in the net tuition fees of up to 50% until the student completes their secondary education (Year 12).

How many Scholarships are offered?

This varies from year to year and is determined by the calibre of the candidates in any given year.

When can we expect to hear from the School?

Approximately 3 weeks after the testing date.

Will we receive a report?

Yes, all applicants will receive instructions from ACER on how to download their child’s report, approximately 3 weeks after testing.


  1. An Academic Scholarship offers a reduction of up to 50% off the net tuition fees, for the duration of the student’s secondary education. All other fees and charges are payable in full.
  2. It is an expectation that recipients of an Academic Scholarship will complete their secondary education at Ivanhoe Grammar School. The School reserves the right to ask for reimbursement to the value of the scholarship if the student leaves the School prior to Year 10.
  3. The School reserves the right not to offer Academic Scholarships if the standard of those presenting does not warrant it doing so.
  4. Scholarship recipients are expected to attain a generally high academic standard and the student should be actively involved in the various co-curricular activities of the School.
  5. Periodic reviews of the scholarship will be conducted to verify satisfactory progress and participation. In exceptional circumstances, the Award may be terminated by the Principal.
  6. If an Academic Scholarship is offered and accepted, families are given 3 weeks to complete the enrolment process, including payment of a non-refundable Capital Levy fee if not already paid and a $4,900 non-refundable tuition fee deposit. The tuition fee deposit is deducted from the February 2025 tuition fee instalment. The Admissions Office will be in contact to guide families through the process.

For further information on the Academic Scholarship test, please contact Rebecca Groenewegen, Registrar on 9490 3892 or