Respectful Relationship Programs

Respectful Relationship programs

The recent reports in the media are very disturbing and we acknowledge the courageous actions of the young women speaking out, sharing their traumatic experiences.

The safety and wellbeing of our students is our highest priority. Our School Counsellors, Heads of Campus, Mentors, Heads of Year and School Chaplains are here to support our students and alumni at all times.

Respectful Relationships and consent are a critical component of our student wellbeing framework. Given the current public discussion around consent, we understand parents will be interested in some of our Respectful Relationship programs and parent resources to assist parents and the School to work together to address the serious issue of consent.

Respectful Relationships and consent are part of our Health Curriculum in line with the Australian Curriculum and the Sexual Health Units. Additional programs during wellbeing sessions are designed to reinforce this curriculum and allow further exploration and learning. We will continue to review and improve our respectful relationship programs, working closely with particular students and the relevant experts in this area, to inform our programs moving forward.

Grade 5 and 6
Programs cover cyber safety, responsible decision making, self-management and self-awareness.

Year 7
Wellbeing programs cover child safety, cyber safety and code of conduct. External providers Empower Girl, Rev Up for Boys and the Banyule Police Community Liaison Unit are used to support this program. For 2021, programs include wellbeing sessions with Family Planning Victoria about healthy relationships including dating, breakups, rights and responsibilities.

Year 8
Respectful Relationships included in Health Curriculum and covers relationship topics including how to have a positive intimate relationship, sexual behaviours, pressure in relationships and consent, sex-positive and negative consequences, sex and the law.

Wellbeing programs for Year 8 cover child safety, cyber safety and verbal combat. External programs for this year level include the Seed Workshops, Man Cave Program and Butterfly Effect Program. For 2021, programs include wellbeing sessions with Family Planning Victoria about rights and responsibilities, and saying no.

Year 9

Respectful Relationships is included in the Health Curriculum and covers image-based respect, what are respectful relationships, violence and harassment, power and consent.

Wellbeing programs include child safety, cyber safety, sexuality and consent, and respectful relationships. External programs for this year level include Talking the Talk and Seed Workshops.

Senior Years
Respectful Relationships is included in Health and PE Curriculum in Year 10 and cover healthy relationships, key indicators of poor and healthy relationships, sexual behaviours, sexually transmitted infections, contraception options and use, consent – the importance of it, how to ask and give consent.

Respectful Relationships is also a key part of our Year 10 Retreat Program. Senior wellbeing programs cover student code of conduct, codes of behaviour and respect at the Formal, child safety, and establishing and developing relationships. External programs include Man Cave Program, Flourish Girl Program, YLead, Red Frogs Program, and the Cheap Thrills Program and Wired Program by Brainstorm Productions. Additional programs for 2021 include the Elephant Ed programs and workshops covering consent, respecting boundaries, looking after yourself and your friends at parties and gatherings, and sexual violence causes, rights, responsibilities and prevention. Mentor groups forums and discussions, and our Personalised Mentoring Program support our wellbeing programs.

Parent Resources

Schools TV​
This is a fantastic program with a number of free-to-access videos and modules that are available to all parents concerning a host of wellbeing topics
Schools TV has created as a resource for parents of teenage children, featuring Dr Michael Carr-Gregg. The video, which includes tips for parents on how to initiate a conversation with their children on consent
This article posted by Curtin University Research Fellow Jacqueline Hendriks may also be helpful for parents

Further parent resources will be updated, please continue to check this page for new resources.