Global Education

Being a ‘global citizen’ has been a focus at Ivanhoe Grammar School since our foundation in 1915 and our service and leadership activities continue to define the School’s culture. In the 21st Century, these activities have evolved into international awareness, expanding the definition of good citizens to being good global citizens and having a Global awareness and understanding.

Supporting students to develop a global outlook has seen the School adopt many initiatives that embed this global focus into all areas of school life. In 2024, Global Education as a stand-alone subject was implemented across the school for Years 7 and 8.

Using the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) as a foundation, drawing from a deep well of research on global education trends as well as building on the foundation of numerous successful projects in schools around the world, Ivanhoe Grammar School has created a unique curriculum for a compulsory Global Education.

Ivanhoe Grammar School is proud to be part of the Round Square International Network. Along with our Model UN programs, our commitment to this broad international vision compliments our global education program.

Groundbreaking Global Education Initiative at Ivanhoe Grammar School

One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.

Malala Yousafzai