Personalised Mentoring

As an essential part of the Ivanhoe Grammar School experience, every senior year student takes part in timely one-on-one pastoral, academic and futures mentoring sessions with his or her Mentor. One of the goals of our Personalised Mentoring sessions is to help students plan their academic pathway through the senior years in a way that prepares them for their chosen tertiary future.

During the academic mentoring sessions, students, with guidance from their Mentor, will develop a personalised academic plan tailored to their individual competencies, skills, and aspirations. The sessions primarily focus on academic goal setting as well as identifying strategies to help students achieve them.

Future Pathways Evening

Navigating your academic pathway through school in a way that prepares you for your tertiary future does not need to be complicated. It just requires access to the right information.

The Future Pathways Evening is a tertiary expo for students from Years 10 – 12 and their parents, allowing them to hear from professionals from the School’s wider community who have gone on to become industry leaders or experts in their chosen field.

Monash University | Deakin University and College | La Trobe University and
College | University of Melbourne | RMIT University | Swinburne University of
Technology Australian Catholic University | Collarts – Australian School of the Arts

Art and Design | Music | Theatre Studies | Commerce | Health and PE | Humanities
English | Languages | Mathematics | Science

Ivanhoe Diploma

The Ivanhoe Diploma is an innovative and exciting program for all Ivanhoe students from Years 10 – 12. Students participate in a number of learning and leadership activities, both within and outside the School covering a broad range of areas. These include creative pursuits, physical activity, civic engagement, intercultural understanding and leadership. Students keep a personal portfolio of their achievements and activities over their senior years at the School which are then assessed by a team of teachers.

The program is voluntary and is structured so students can design their own program, based on their skills, passions and interests. Students who already participate in programs outside the School can also get these approved to be counted towards the Diploma.


Student Futures focuses on students' academic profiles and the subjects they take to prepare for life after school, ensuring they are well-equipped for the future. I aim to ensure that every student is future-ready.

Daniela Curcio
Director of Student Futures