Year 9

Our Year 9 program at University Campus builds upon a long-standing educational partnership with La Trobe University. Providing a quality curriculum, including experience-based learning opportunities, students are encouraged to think critically in order to become reflective, responsible learners and contributing citizens of their community. Students from both Plenty Campus and The Ridgeway Campus transition to University Campus for the duration of Year 9.


Over the course of the year, students are exposed to the kind of big ideas you would expect to find in a university environment. Based at a separate campus, the program is designed to develop skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, time management, decision making and other important skills that will prepare them for their Senior Years and beyond.

The Year 9 Program delivers an integrated mix of:

  • Core curriculum units
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Inquiry-based units
  • Service learning opportunities

Student study a set of core subjects and choose two electives which suit their learning needs and interest.

All students study: English, Health and Physical Education, Inquiry-based units, Languages, Mathematics, Science and Art Electives.

Download our University Campus Parent Handbook

The Year 9 program at Ivanhoe is carefully designed to prepare students for their Senior Years and beyond.

Ms Stella Batsanis
Head of University Campus