University Campus

Imagine University in Year 9

This dedicated Year 9 campus provides students with a year-long university-based learning experience, in an Australian-first initiative made possible through our partnership with La Trobe University.

At this campus, our students are given an early taste of university learning that challenges, inspires and prepares them for their Senior Years and the next stage of life. Year 9 students from Ivanhoe and Plenty campuses are relocated each year to our University Campus to take advantage of this unique experience. Read the University Campus Parent Handbook or view our Year 9 curriculum.

Heritage terraces, transformed for modern learning

Our University Campus is located on the outskirts of La Trobe University in Macleod in newly renovated terraces. These terraces have been transformed into modern educational spaces designed specifically for the learning needs of Year 9 students. Students have access to other facilities at La Trobe University and La Trobe academics contribute to students’ studies through a joint educational program.

The partnership between Ivanhoe Grammar School and La Trobe is built on a successful Year 9 program that has run for the past 10 years. What began as a once a year university experience is now a dedicated campus in its own right.

Facilities and Program

The dedicated Year 9 campus has open and flexible learning spaces which includes classrooms, R-Lounge for reading and reflection, an innovation hub, science and music rooms, all newly constructed to take advantage of the light and beautiful surrounds of this campus.

Students have access to La Trobe University’s facilities including Science Laboratories and a Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Year 9 Program at University Campus is tailored to students at this critical turning point of adolescence.



I see Year 9 as a unique opportunity for heightened learning arising from a spike of curiosity and a hunger for independence.

Mrs Stella Batsanis
Head of University Campus