Thursday 11 January 2024

Year 10 Students Transform Latrobe University into Minecraft Wonderland

Two Year 10 students, Remy and Cormac, stole the spotlight at the opening of Cisco Innovation Central at Latrobe University on December 4 2023. Their showcase? A virtual Latrobe University Campus meticulously built in Minecraft.

The project, initiated during the Year 9 Out of Class program, MasterTech, was a joint effort with another Year 10 student, Sam. Over 130 collective hours were invested, with a significant portion dedicated during their own time. Remy shared, ‘Building the Minecraft server and the world was a new experience for us.’

The digital campus boasts landmarks like the Agora, cafes, Jenny Greaves courtyard, and the Digital Innovation Hub. Yet, Remy and Cormac aren’t stopping there; their vision extends to future expansions, including the Agora, lecture theatres, and even a virtual bus line.

The unveiling left attendees captivated, witnessing the students’ dedication, enthusiasm, and a project of remarkable scale. The hope is that their work inspires fellow students to continue shaping and expanding this virtual academic landscape. The Minecraft world now stands as a testament to the power of youthful innovation and collaborative spirit.