The Arts Program at Ivanhoe Grammar School is available both in a curricular and co-curricular capacity.

The combination of a lively exhibition program, experimental theatre projects and diverse musical repertoire creates a collaborative and inspiring arts program at Ivanhoe Grammar School. In the Primary Years, the Arts Learning Area acts as a medium for children to explore creative expression and make sense of the world around them, while in the Senior Years, the faculty is committed to maximising opportunities for students, broadening their arts experience and providing industry links that echo career pathways.

Performing Arts

Famed director Alfred Hitchcock said, “What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out?” The flourishing Performing Arts Department is geared toward performance and discovery at every stage of learning. The annual secondary musical production is a much-anticipated event and each campus presents its own show. Students from Years 7 to 12 have the opportunity to be involved as a performer, in the orchestra or as a crew member. In the Primary Years, a production is held every second year, alternating between Ivanhoe and Plenty campuses.

Visual Arts

With a knowledge base embedded in the theory and practice in the visual arts, subject offerings including Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Visual Communication and Design, Digital Media and Product Design and Technology. The focus is to encourage the development of a personal style through divergent thinking, risk taking and creative problem solving. Visual Art and Design Exhibitions are held annually at both Primary and Senior level. The work on display is a testament to the dedication of our Visual Art teachers. Student work is regularly displayed around the School and used in publications and promotional materials.


On any given day, our music studios pulse with Performance Ensembles, Orchestra, String Orchestra, Wind Band, Choir, Jazz and Chamber Ensembles. Quartets and Quintets add to the mix of musical opportunities on offer through this dynamic department. All students are encouraged to participate in the music program and tuition is available on a wide range of instruments as well as voice and music theory. There is ample opportunity for students to develop their music performance skills at both formal and soiree music concerts and drama productions throughout the year.