Each and every single one of us plays an active role in defining the culture at Ivanhoe Grammar School and our work environment.


United by our purpose to develop young people of character, we strive to be courageous, innovative, balanced, collaborative, ethical, reflective and compassionate in our actions, decision making and interactions. A key priority for the School is to nurture and retain staff who are committed to this purpose and the character traits of an Ivanhoe Learner.

A school is defined by its people and at the heart of Ivanhoe Grammar School is a commitment to appointing great people at all levels of employment and governance.  The personal attributes that make an Ivanhoe Learner is a central philosophy at the School and it extends beyond the classroom; learning is an important aspect of life and we honour this not just as educators but as an organisation.

Enriched with a diverse range of people, Ivanhoe Grammar School supports all students and staff to be their best. Everyone at Ivanhoe Grammar School contributes to its caring and inclusive culture.

The breadth of curricular and co-curricular programs is designed to educate the whole child. We don’t push or value any area of interest above another, and we praise our students for commitment and hard work. During their time at Ivanhoe, students and staff alike are influenced to become ‘life learners’; forever exploring, growing and improving in their pursuits.

 Ivanhoe Learner Attributes

It is our priority to integrate the attributes of an Ivanhoe Learner into every aspect of the learning experience. We do this so that whatever students set out to accomplish, both in school and in life, they will do so in accordance with the traits of a young person of character.