Staff Profile – Mr Ty Hoggins

Ty Hoggins

Role: Head Buckley House
Phone: +61 3 9490 1877


Ty is a dedicated educational leader with extensive experience, driven by a passion for cultivating supportive and high-performing learning environments where students and their needs take centre stage. Committed to fostering diverse and enriching learning experiences, Ty aims to inspire curiosity, empowering students to become creative thinkers and adept problem solvers.
As a forward-thinking leader, Ty demonstrates a robust capacity for strategic planning and excels in leading collaborative teaching teams. Drawing from a wealth of experience in school management, wellbeing, curriculum, and pedagogy, he collaborates closely with students, teachers, and parents to drive continuous improvement.
In 2024, Ty will assume the role of Head of Buckley House, marking the culmination of over 20 years of service in the public sector. Throughout his career, Ty has taught various year levels, showcasing his versatility in both generalist classrooms and physical education programs. His leadership journey encompasses roles such as Leading Teacher (digital technologies), Assistant Principal, and Principal. Ty has also contributed significantly as an Innovation Leader with the Department of Education.
Over the past eight years, Ty has served as a school principal in Melbourne’s North, further honing his leadership skills and contributing to the educational landscape.