Staff Profile – Mrs Stella Batsanis

Mrs Stella Batsanis

Role: Head of University Campus
Phone: +61 3 9490 1877

Stella is passionate about working with young people and inspiring students in the way she was inspired by teachers when she was a secondary school student – with guidance, leadership and compassion. Stella began her teaching career at Aquinas College in Ringwood and taught there for 15 years, where she also held a variety of leadership positions. For the past 14 years, Stella has been at Ivanhoe Grammar School. She was the Head of Middle Years for a number of years before taking on the role of Director of Wellbeing. In 2018, Stella accepted the role as the inaugural Head of University Campus. Stella oversees all aspects of this stand-alone campus for Year 9 students, which, through a unique partnership with La Trobe University, gives students supervised access to university academics and facilities to expand their learning journey. Stella is dedicated to providing a learning environment which has the necessary structure and procedures, alongside an engaging curriculum, for students to develop their academic pursuits, independence, study habits and community service mindset in order to prepare them for their senior years at school.