University Campus

Re-imagining Year 9 at our University Campus

For ten years, the Year 9 Program at Ivanhoe Grammar School has featured learning experiences that go beyond the classroom. From 2019 the School will take this program a step further by re-imagining the classroom altogether at a new University Campus; a hybrid, year-long university experience.

Our original Year 9 Program was designed to allow students in this key developmental stage the opportunity to explore the adult world in a safe environment. Out-of-classroom learning experiences engage the developing brain to promote enduring critical thinking habits. Principal Gerard Foley calls the Year 9 Program an opportunity to ‘embed our key values at a critical time in a young person’s development.’

The La Trobe University segment of the Year 9 Program, a two-week intensive science program, has been so successful that it has evolved from once a year, to three times a year to its most recent evolution in the form of a dedicated University Campus for Year 9 students. This final step is an Australian-first that will provide Ivanhoe Grammar School students with a hybrid university-school experience, and one which will hopefully inspire a life-long relationship with inquiry-based learning.

Over the course of the year, students will be exposed to the kind of big ideas you would expect to find in a university environment. Based at a separate campus, students will have access to a number of La Trobe University facilities and La Trobe academics will contribute to students’ studies through a joint educational program. Students will have the opportunity to reach out to academics in their field of interest and pursue lines of study previously unavailable to them.

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Head of University Campus - Stella Batsanis

The School has appointed experienced educational leader Mrs Stella Batsanis to the role of Head of Campus, leading a team of 20 school staff. Formerly the Head of Middle Years and currently the School’s Wellbeing Director, Mrs Batsanis brings a breadth of knowledge to the position and is excited about her inaugural role as the head of a unique campus. 

‘At the new University Campus, students will experience authentic experiential learning of a rich, varied and rigorous curriculum’ - Stella Batsanis