Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Association

The Old Ivanhoe Grammarians Association (OIGA) formed in 1920 and our mission is to reach, connect and support current and past students of Ivanhoe Grammar School.

Our governing body is the OIGA Council, which comprises alumni with a wide range of experience and demographic backgrounds. President of the Association, Wayne Vanderwert (’89) leads with passion and the OIGA Councillors are committed to assisting with delivering on our mission statement to all alumni.

In recent years, the OIGA has forged a more prominent online presence via the OIGA Official Facebook Page, Instagram and the OIGA LinkedIn Group. Alumni have also become more involved in specific programs for current students, such as international student lunches and Year 12 transition activities, which have helped the OIGA to expand and strengthen. We encourage alumni of all ages, backgrounds and interests to stay in touch and get involved with the School.   If you are interested in contributing in any way, please make initial enquiries to alumni@ivanhoe.com.au

For many students, the end of their secondary education can lead to a sense of loss for those going from the support of a school environment into the big, wide world. Ivanhoe Grammar School alumni have numerous ways to stay connected.

The OIGA continues to run an extensive reunion and event program for alumni to connect locally, interstate and overseas, as well as career-networking, sporting and creative events. We strongly encourage alumni to keep us informed of their current postal and email address so that they can stay abreast of news and events. Please email alumni@ivanhoe.com.au or call 9490 3407 to do so.

The OIGA website is a great way keep up to date with OIGA developments. To follow all the latest alumni stories click here

You can also join us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to stay in touch.