Tuesday 22 April 2014

Young Regional Round Square Conference

On Monday 21 April , 13 excited students and two staff left to attend the 2014 Young Regional Round Square Conference which is being held at Kings College in Auckland, New Zealand. The conference will run for six days, comprising of a series of guest speakers, adventure activities and service work.

Students will be required to step outside their boundaries, following the six IDEALS pillars; internationalism, democracy, environment, adventure, leadership and service. The conference, Our planet, Our future, Ours to change will feature inspiring guest speakers, leadership seminars, adventure activities as well as environment activities. Students will also be involved in conference discussions or Barazas.

Over the course of the conference all of the 120 delegates from around Australia and East Asia will have an outstanding opportunity to represent their schools and understand how they can get involved.

All delegates and staff from Ivanhoe Grammar School are thrilled and delighted to represent the School at this historical forum and it is sure to be an inspiring time for all involved.

As a member of the Round Square group of schools, Ivanhoe shares the vision of taking education far beyond the academic to personal development and responsibility. Read all about the wonderful program here