Round Square

Round Square is your passport to a world of self-discovery and personal growth

Round Square is the name given to a unique group of schools around the world who are all pledged to further international understanding and to educate through service, both at home and overseas. It is based on the theories of philosopher and educationalist, Dr Kurt Hahn.

As a member of the Round Square group of schools, Ivanhoe shares the vision of taking education far beyond the academic to personal development and responsibility. The pillars or IDEALS of the network are Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service and these IDEALS are embedded in every area of school life at Ivanhoe.

Students in all year levels are encouraged to pursue the Round Square IDEALS through a number of curricular and co-curricular activities including fundraising, participating in service projects, taking on leadership roles, attending Round Square conferences, volunteering and participating in outdoor education activities. Participation in Round Square activities prepares students for life by having them face it head-on and experience it in ways that demand courage, generosity, imagination, principle and resolution.

Cambodian Service Project

A key component of the School’s commitment to Round Square is our work in Cambodia. The school community recently celebrated 12 years involvement in service efforts in Cambodia - a country still emerging from years of hardship and brutality. Each year, a group of students participate in the School’s Cambodian Service Project, working with aid organisations operating locally in Cambodia. The project has expanded from one senior student trip a year to multiple trips involving senior, middle years and primary students, staff, parents and alumni.

The teams learn about the culture of Cambodia and the hardships the Cambodian people have faced, reinforcing why our help is needed and valuable in helping this country move towards a positive future.



‘There is more in you than you think’

The IDEALS of Round Square are interwoven into curricular and co-curricular life at every level. To acknowledge those students who have displayed an exceptional commitment to the IDEALS of Round Square we have developed the Round Square IDEALS Award. This award is presented to senior students who have demonstrated, through active pursuit of the IDEALS, that they have fully embraced the principles of Round Square. The award demonstrates a student’s capacity and willingness to go beyond the academic achievement and understand their place and responsibility in the world.