Monday 19 October 2015

FO Watts Morning Tea at Plenty Campus

On Monday 19 October the annual FO Watts Morning Tea was held at Plenty Campus for Year 7 and Year 10 FO Watts scholarship recipients. The Principal, Mr Rod Fraser and Deputy Principal/Head of Plenty Campus, Mrs Deborah Sukarna were in attendance to welcome the students to the School in 2016.

The FO Watts General Excellence Awards are awarded to students entering Year 7 or Year 10 on the basis of sound academic potential, demonstrated leadership skills, recognised citizenships qualities and a particular talent in one or more of the following areas: visual arts, music, performing arts or sports.

The Ivanhoe Grammar School Scholarship Program aims to create opportunities for talented students to attend the School, who may not necessarily be in a position to afford full fees. The most popular offering is the FO Watts General Excellence Award which acknowledges students who are academically strong, but also have proven leadership talents and strengths in various co-curricular areas.

The School would like to welcome the following students to Plenty Campus in 2016:

Daniel Gikovski

Taine Fryer

Levi Gilbee

Spencer Graham

Nicholas Di Grazia

Isabelle Morgan

Zali Vanderwert

Peter Klinkatsis

Hannah Nowak

For further details about Ivanhoe Grammar School’s Scholarships, please CLICK HERE