Tuesday 03 November 2015

Year 9 students showcase their Out of Classroom learning

On Friday 30 October our enterprising Year 9 students showcased their Out of Classroom learning activities under the brief of enhanced cultural understanding. Students were able to choose from many different programs including Drama, working with an Artist-in-Residence and the Café Culture project.

The Drama students had three performances of their work in the Schuster Theatre, involving communicating ideas through images, sound, and chanting, mask work and puppetry and investigating other cultural ideas.

The Artist-in-Residence worked with the students to produce an exhibition that was visually exciting and focused on the theme of ephemeral and environmental art, which means the art works were temporary and born out of the natural environment in which they were constructed. An exhibition of all the art work produced was showcased for all to see and experience.

The Café Culture students presented Café per Andare, an Italian themed cafe where they served tea, coffee, sweet and savoury snacks. The students were split up into groups to cover all business areas of running a cafe, including marketing, business, food and decoration. Students visited a successful cafe in the city and learnt how to run a business and deal with problems that they may encounter. Putting their newly learnt skills into practice the students had a great time serving parents and staff.

The Year 9 out of Classroom program runs on three separate occasions during the year and students participate in experiential learning outside the classroom and have the opportunity to be immersed in different cultures. For further information about the program click here.