Monday 16 March 2015

Year 9 Journey – India

Upon arrival, the group observed the profusion of bright colours in clothing, shopfronts, housing and signage. After almost 30 hours of travelling and comments from the students such as “What happened to the road rules?” as all forms of vehicles came hurtling at the group from all directions, the group arrived at the Guest House of Daly College where they spent the next few days.

The group was treated to a welcome ceremony at the commencement of their Cultural Heritage of India Certificate, where the students undertake a series of very formal and intensive teaching and learning courses.

The Daly College boasts a grand scale of sporting facilities which appear to come in multiples of ten; ten football pitches, ten tennis courts, ten hockey fields, ten squash courts etc. And amongst these green fields, rise a series of majestic buildings which date back to the foundation of the college in the 1880s.

From the hustle and bustle of the trip from the airport to the Daly College, early morning yoga sessions at the College have become a welcomed form of relaxation for the group. The group also took part in a pottery session as well as a painting lesson. The students traced shapes inspired by early Indian art and it was explained that when these artworks are painted in a home, the positive energy expended serves to counteract any negative energy brought into the home by visitors. Some of our students showed quite a flair for this fine art.

On Saturday 14 March the group were featured in a number of local newspapers who displayed a keen interest in the purpose of the groups visit and the benefits of intercultural programs.

On their final evening at the Daly College, the group performed a dance routine at a Cultural Assembly at the school’s Hindu temple. Costumes were fitted, makeup applied and nerves tingled. When the moment came to perform, the group did a fantastic job and the audience marvelled at how well the group had danced with just a couple of day’s preparation behind them. The students were then presented with their Cultural Heritage Certificates.

The remainder of the trip will be spent in Jaipur, Agra and Delhi where the group will visit Amer Fort, Jal Mahal Palace, Albert Court Museum, Jantar Mantar (Science observatory) and the Taj Mahal.