Monday 17 March 2014

Year 9 International Trips

The Year 9 international trips are part of the Year 9 program, A World of Experiences, where students participate in a range of engaging and challenging out-of-classroom experiences designed to offer meaningful learning opportunities while encouraging independence.
,, Students choose from experiences such as completing a research project at La Trobe University, an urban history experience at the School’s city campus in Richmond and a careers-based experience called After9. Students can also elect to participate in an international journey which provides an opportunity to explore the culture, education, adventure and environmental sustainability of Asia.
,, Over the last three days five groups have departed for journeys to Indonesia, Cambodia, India, Thailand and China. During their trips students will meet with staff and students from Appleby College in Canada and participate in a cultural experience incorporated into a service component. Students will take part in varied cultural activities, learn about the history of the countries they visit and get to visit many incredible places.
,, With a focus on global awareness and sustainability, students are sure to gain a better understanding of the world around them and how they can contribute. Immersion in foreign cultures is sure to challenge and inspire them as they go through a period of personal growth.