Wednesday 30 October 2019

Year 9 IGNITE Expo

On the evening of Wednesday 23 October Year 9 students showcased their passion projects as part of the signature program at University Campus, IGNITE.  At Ivanhoe Grammar School’s dedicated Year 9 Campus at La Trobe University students are encouraged to learn by experience and become independent learners and the IGNITE program did just that. Students were asked to think about something that they were passionate about, then through self-led learning delve into the subject and finally present their work at the end of year Expo.

How to make cheese, how to build a guitar, building a computer from second hand parts, making a virtual world, how to paint like an impressionist artist,  a written history of marginalised and minority groups through the Arts: these were just a few of the amazing projects on display at the Year 9 IGNITE Expo.

Not only were the projects varied and interesting, showcasing students’ knowledge and expertise in their area of study, but what was most evident was the transformation of the students, by becoming experts and driving their own learning their confidence and abilities flourished.

Parents and teachers were very impressed with the calibre of work on display at the expo and it was evident that the IGNITE project had really captured the hearts and minds of our Year 9 students. It was wonderful to see them shine and be the experts on the night. Watch the IGNITE video