Tuesday 05 March 2019

Year 9 Expo

The first round of the four Innovative Inquiry Units at University Campus culminated with the staging of the Year 9 Expo. The Expo ran on Thursday 28 February and Friday 1 March.

The Expo covered the following units, Globalisation, Science of Life and World War One. After much research and preparation, students showcased their work, to an audience of approximately 150 people, made up of parents, staff and La Trobe University Academics. In the upstairs area, they spoke eloquently and confidently about Malaria, Cancer and River Blindness just to name a few.

In the downstairs area, every student presented a product that they had researched thoroughly, following its environmental footprint from the materials used to make it, to the ethical decisions of the retail stores selling the item.

Our Year 9 students have access to some of Australia’s most inspiring thinkers and researchers at University Campus and it was wonderful to see some of the academics who had provided lectures to inspire our Year 9 students attend the Expo. They were very impressed, so much so that Dr Jeff Yeoman asked for a copy of some of the student websites to show his second-year university students!