Friday 28 August 2015

Year 8 Advance Program

The current Year 8’s have recently made their co-curricular selection of either Cadets or the Advance program. The Advance program provides a different focus each term, commencing with personal wellbeing.

The personal wellbeing focus begins with a series of Yoga lessons which is in keeping with the School’s Positive Psychology and Mindfulness philosophy. The Year 8’s are asked to take some time out of their busy school lives, put their phones away and concentrate on their breathing, the movements of their body and the sounds around them. They have been particularly receptive to it and are enjoying the quiet and stillness of Tuesday afternoons as well as being disconnected from their digital devices.

As part of the student wellbeing program at the School, we are embracing the ideas and practices of Positive Psychology across all campuses. Positive education works on the principle that the skills and mindsets that promote positive emotions, positive character strengths and positive relationships also promote learning and academic success.

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