Friday 07 November 2014

Year 7 Night of the Notables

The Night of Notables is a major research and presentation piece primarily emanating from the English and Humanities Departments but with input from additional subject areas.

Each student chooses their “Notable” character, researches this person and prepares a formal oral presentation to be given in an English class as well as an evening presentation during Term 4. From the research, students present character strengths, timeline or history of important events in the notable’s life, fun facts and quotes.

As part of this presentation, students dress in costume as their chosen notable, which enables the students to get into character and adds to the final performance. Characters from a variety of industries throughout history were performed on the night including Elvis Presley, Cleopatra, Steven Spielberg, Sir Joseph Banks, Angelina Jolie, Steve Irwin, Rod Laver, Harry Houdini, Anne Frank, Anna Pavlova and Amelia Earhart.

The Year 7’s put in a fantastic effort with their costumes and it was enjoyable to see the character’s brought to life.