Thursday 10 September 2015

Year 7 Languages Day

On Wednesday 9 September, Year 7 students at the School celebrated Language Day with a range of activities designed to complement the Languages program.

The day began with a fashion parade, with students dressing up in costumes reflecting the culture of a country of their choice. There was a wonderful array of colours and costumes and the students embraced the day with gusto.

After the fashion parade, the students had the opportunity to participate in a Latin Dance Fiesta in the Year 7 Area with a professional instructor. It was great to see the students doing their best to learn the routines and having an enjoyable time.

For the duration of the day, students participated in a range of activities to gain an enhanced understanding of language and culture.

Ivanhoe Grammar School’s LOTE program aims to develop students’ skills in communicating in another language, social interaction, cooperation and acceptance of different nationalities, as well as an understanding of the culture, traditions and history unique to the countries where the language is spoken. In addition to events such as Language Day, students in all year levels have many opportunities to improve their language skills and cultural understanding through experiences such as exchanges, international language tours and excursions.

To view more photos from the day, please head to the School’s Facebook page: