Monday 11 September 2017

Year 5 Trip to Scienceworks

On Thursday, Year 5 students took a trip to Scienceworks as part of the ‘Discovery’ unit of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Students took part in two programs. Design a Martian Mover was a project where their ‘secret mission’ was to design a vehicle that could move over Martian terrain. During the workshop, students explore the Think Ahead exhibition which is themed around innovation, creativity and problem-solving. Using their own creative and critical thinking skills, students prototyped a vehicle for specific purposes and made from an assortment of materials.

The second program was a Solar System Odyssey. This program took place in the Planetarium and was an adventure set in the future, in a time when humans have depleted the natural resources of their home planet. The hero of the story is sent on a mission to discover a new home that humans can colonise and students needed to look for answers to some important scientific questions.

The students had an amazing time, and gave the following reflections of their day:

We went to Scienceworks because we wanted to learn about the stars and the planets and what a planet needs in order for us to live on it in the future -Lavinia, 5W

The planetarium was awesome because there was a 16.5 metre high dome on top of us and that’s taller than a movie screen – Lachlan, 5W

Yesterday, we went to Scienceworks. It was a great visit. My favourite thing was the planetarium. It was really awesome! I learnt that you can see Jupiter & Saturn with a naked eye at night, but it’s kinda hard to find. I also loved looking at the exhibits like an electric car that drives itself. I love Scienceworks teleportation chamber. When you go in there, you turn it around, step out the other side and turn it back around, so it looks like you’re gone. Scienceworks is the best!- Denzel, 5W