Friday 21 August 2015

Year 4’s ride the journey of The First Fleet

In order for the students to comprehend the enormity of the distance that was travelled during the journey from England, they will be completing a ‘ride’ to Botany Bay.

The Year 4 students and teachers will be riding six exercise bikes the distance that The First Fleet travelled in 1788 – they will be riding 24,241km. They have allowed themselves one month to complete the task and have called on the school community to help them rack up the kilometres.

Parents, teachers and friends have been asked to calculate the number of kilometres travelled by push bike which will be added to the ongoing tally.

Year 4 teacher Megan said ‘The students are so excited to have family and friends joining them on their journey and we have completed over 1,000 kilometres already.’

The Year 4 students still have a long way to travel and will be updating their progress daily in a display outside their classrooms.

If you would like to add some kilometres to the Year 4 tally, please feel free to pop down to Buckley House and ride the bikes. Words of support and encouragement will be welcomed as well!