Tuesday 03 September 2019

Year 10 Outdoor Education and ELICOS Camp

The Outdoor Education program is an integral part of an Ivanhoe Education. Recently our Year 10 students got the chance to move away from the classroom and into the great outdoors, taking part in a range of journeys such as mountain bike riding along the East Gippsland Rail Trail, cross-country skiing at Dinner Plain and sea-kayaking on Gippsland Lakes near Loch Sport to name just a few.

Year 10 Camp is always a highlight of the School calendar offering our students the opportunity to grow their independence as well as take part in teamwork activities and leadership opportunities. At the completion of their journeys students attended a three-day retreat at the Coonawarra Farm resort near Bairnsdale which comprises of time for reflection, goal setting and a 24-hour solo. The 24-hour solo challenges our students in many ways as they spend time in nature on their own.

Our ELICOS students also took part in their own outdoor experience, receiving a vital introduction to the Australian bush through many activities such as an overnight campout, bushwalking, canoeing, horse-riding and orienteering to name a few.

Year 10 Camp is an incredibly rewarding and gratifying experience not only for students but for the staff that attend as well. Friendships are strengthened and new bonds are formed. Students learn real-life lessons such as learning about yourself and others, the environment and developing resilience. Students often say that it is a highlight of their time at Ivanhoe.

Student Reflections


My favourite part was the 24-hour solo. I used this time to reflect on what I had already achieved in life and what I would like to accomplish in the future. It was great to reflect on the important people in my life, which made me more grateful for all the amazing things I have each day. Unfortunately, my 24-hour solo was cut short due to a weather evacuation, however I really enjoyed the time I had alone.

Year 10 camp was the most relaxing, reflecting and enjoyable camp that I have been on during my journey at Ivanhoe. I will remember this experience forever! 


Year 10 camp for me can be described simply as relaxing, exciting, useful and of course…lots of fun! Both the Journey and camp retreat at Coonawarra were the perfect time to have a break off school with my mates, engage in fun and competitive activities whilst exploring the bush, as well as having a nice reflective and thoughtful time during the retreat! To sum up, the week of year 10 camp was definitely one I will remember for a long time. Not only was it fun to escape to the bush with some friends for a week, but gave me a time for honest and thoughtful reflection and relaxation. I hope that all students to come will be able to get the same experience and enjoyment out of the year 10 camp that I did.