Monday 27 November 2023

Writers Club

In 2023, Wednesday lunchtimes during Term 3 and 4 at Buckley House became a wonderful opportunity for a group of Year 6 students to explore and expand their writing as members of the Writers Club.

Writers Club was facilitated by Writing Mentor Kym Hartnell, Pedagogical Leader – Literacy, alongside Writing Coach, Kristina Garla – writer and our School’s Communications and Marketing Manager. The club was open to all interested students, those who love to write and those who did not necessarily consider themselves as a writer, or students who simply wanted to ‘improve’ their writing.

Kristina’s approach is to ‘write from the body’ using embodiment and earth connection practices like breathwork, meditation, movement, and nature to inspire writing. Supported by Kym’s extensive teaching experience and passion for writing, our students were encouraged to explore free writing techniques to discover the possibility of their personal writing styles and to grow their confidence. Watch the video to see what the students thought about Writers Club and to hear a sample of their beautiful writing pieces.

Student reflections on Writers Club

‘We write with our bodies, we write with our hearts, we write with our minds.  It’s really fun!’ Arendia

‘I came because I thought it would be very good to try something new and embrace my writing skills more.’ Eddie

‘All of us have different writing styles. Some like to rhyme, some like to write poems. It is very creative, you can express yourself and there is no judgement. I feel comfortable to share my writing here. ’ Lucy

‘Words can come to life in your head, like a picture or a movie. It just makes you open-minded and have no fear. You just do what you want, and write.’ Issac

Excitingly, the members of Writers Club are publishing a book. Called ‘Wednesday Lunchtime’ the book shares their writing journey and pieces. Ivanhoe Grammar School families can purchase a copy for their personal library and support the student’s chosen charity. All profits for the first pre-order during November/December will be donated to: The Royal Children’s Hospital. We expect the book to be delivered in late December/early January.  Simply order your copy before 10 December via Trybooking