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World's Greatest Shave

1 April 2019

At Ivanhoe Grammar School we have supported the Leukaemia Foundation’s major fundraising campaign, the World’s Greatest Shave for a number of years and this year was no exception with our community enthusiastically getting behind this incredible cause. The money raised goes toward the Leukaemia Foundation which provides emotional and practical support to people living with blood cancer, as well as funding research to help more people survive blood cancers while improving their quality of life.

Major fundraisers were held at Plenty Campus and The Ridgeway Campus with students and staff bravely taking part in front of an appreciative audience. There was a great atmosphere on campus as participants’ hair was shaved, cut and spray painted. Amazingly, Year 8 student Annika managed to raise over $2,000 for shaving off her golden locks. The encouragement and support from fellow students, staff and families made the event the success that it was. 

It was gratifying to see the phenomenal fundraising efforts of the whole school community in raising money for this worthwhile charity and a big thank you to everyone involved who sponsored someone - at the time of publishing over $28,000 was raised.