Wednesday 19 October 2016

Wellbeing Conference

As part of the Year 6 Inquiry Unit, The Pursuit of Happiness, the Year 6 students attended the annual Wellbeing Conference on Tuesday 18 October at Buckley House.

Wellness coach, Dara Simkin came to speak about the important topic of accepting failure, Helen Page-Wood, Buckley House Wellbeing Coordinator, spoke about ‘the kindness revolution.’ Tracey Keogh (mother of Jake Erman, class of 2013) shared her amazing journey and the importance of gratitude in her life. Tracey had the students captivated by her message.

After a shared lunch, where the students each contributed a plate of healthy food, they enjoyed time with friends in the school pool.

Staff who came up to share lunch with the students made comments about the amazing, positive atmosphere in the room and the smiles on the student’s faces. Many students reflected thoughtfully on the experience. “I am so thankful for every day. Tracey made me smile and laugh. I learned to overcome my problems because compared to other children across the globe, I am the luckiest girl in the world,” wrote Lucy.