Monday 20 July 2015

Welcome Weihai Middle School

On Monday 20 July, Ivanhoe Grammar School welcomed four teachers from Weihai Number 4 Middle School in Shandong Provence, China for their VCE training. The teachers will be here for four weeks working with Ivanhoe staff who will mentor them in the application of the Years 11 and 12 VCE program and who will work together to better understand western pedagogy.

Ivanhoe Grammar School has been offering the VCE program in China, with the support of the VCAA since September 2012 and more than 3000 students have successfully completed the VCE in China since the program commenced in 2002. The VCE is delivered in China through partnerships between Chinese and Victorian schools.

The VCE in China Program offers a range of benefits:

Students are able to study the VCE without leaving their home country.

Students have the opportunity to be exposed to Victorian teaching and assessment practice.

The VCE is an internationally recognised senior secondary qualification.

The VCE program has several layers of quality assurance to ensure the integrity of the qualification for all students who study for the certificate

The VCE offers excellent preparation for successful study at leading English language universities.

From 2015 Ivanhoe Grammar School will partner with Shanghai I&C Foreign Languages School to offer a split high school program. Students can enjoy the best of Chinese and Australian education by completing preparatory studies and units 1 & 2 of their VCE in China before coming to Melbourne to complete their studies and earn their VCE certificate.

To find out more about the VCE in China, click here.