Monday 23 July 2018

Welcome to our Shanghai students

We are delighted to welcome our new students from Shanghai to our School this week to complete their VCE studies. The students, 15 in total, have been getting to know their teachers and fellow students as well as familiarising themselves with their campus during their transition.

In 2015 Ivanhoe Grammar School began a split high school program with students at the Shanghai I&C Foreign Languages School. As part of our Global Citizenship initiative, these students undertook intensive English courses in Year 10, followed by VCE units 1/2 in Year 11.

These classes were taught by local teachers, with the quality assurance and curriculum, overseen by Ivanhoe Grammar School staff ensuring an education of the highest standard. The aim of this program is to offer the best of Chinese and Australian education, by allowing students to complete preparatory studies in China before coming to Melbourne to complete their VCE and finding a pathway to an Australian university.

In 2017 our first cohort from Shanghai transitioned to Ivanhoe Grammar School and blazed a formidable trail for future students of the program. It has been great to welcome our latest cohort to the School this week.

Ms Leisl Bruhn, Dean of International Students sees the extension of the program to include both our campuses as an endorsement of our ‘One School’ philosophy and a broadening of our Global Citizenship initiatives, “We are very excited that this year we will warmly welcome students from the Shanghai program to both the Ridgeway and Plenty Campuses, allowing for all Ivanhoe Grammar School students to further enhance their intercultural understanding as true global citizens.”