Tuesday 13 September 2022

Waterpolo Success

After a two-year absence from the sport, the Boy’s Water Polo program had the honour of using the brand new Sports & Aquatic Centre to train and compete. Training twice a week, as a group, gave players of all abilities the opportunity to work alongside one another and further develop their game. Playing on a Friday night, in front of a home crowd, was a special experience and one we all relished. The students are to be commended on their outstanding dedication to training and their hunger to win, and this was demonstrated by their results

The Intermediate Boys’ Waterpolo team, comprised of students from Years 9 and 10, navigated an undefeated season while the Open Boys’ Waterpolo team, comprised of students from Years 11 and 12, only sustained one loss. In an Ivanhoe Grammar School first for Water Polo, both teams secured a premiership and all the glory that came with it. I encourage any student, regardless of ability or experience, to get involved in what is one of Ivanhoe’s fast-growing co-curricular programs.

Ben Ernest

We went into the grand final as underdogs, facing a very strong Melbourne High team, who narrowly beat us two weeks prior, 7–9. However, the boys were determined to come out of the season as premiers and solidify our status as the greatest Water Polo team Ivanhoe has seen. The game drew a huge crowd of players’ parents, brothers and sisters, which pushed us even further to dominate the game on our way to lifting the premiership cup high above our heads.

We got off to a good lead, with James scoring the opening two goals. However, they were quick to respond, making the rest of the half an arm wrestle, resulting in the halftime score of 4 – 3 in favour of Ivanhoe. Following Mr Ernest’s invigorating and inspirational game-plan speech, we went into the second half ready to dominate the field.

With Spencer anchoring down in defence and preventing them from scoring any goals for the rest of the game, it gave Darcy the opportunity to score some goals. The dynamic duo dominated, scoring another 6 goals for Ivanhoe, resulting in a final score of 10–3. Crowning Ivanhoe the Open Boys premiership for 2022.

Darcy (Year 12) and Spencer (Year 12)

On the day, we had our whole team turn up for the first time in the season, for a hyped-up and full house at the pool, full of energy from the huge cheer squad that turned up. Nerves were high as well as expectations for a great game. Starting off strong with a couple of goals to kick start us off in the first half from Tom and Harrison which gave the team a spark heading into the second half, in a highly competitive 2 all first half.

After a solid quarter filled with countless crossbar shots from the team, we entered the final quarter in a nervous deficit of 1 goal behind Camberwell in a close 2-3. After a textbook penalty from Tom, and a clutch goal by Callum, we were able to secure a nail-biting win over Camberwell 3-4. It couldn’t have been done without the defensive heroics of Tyler in centreback, Abe and Lincoln with some steals right when we needed them, as well as myself in goals, which all provided much-needed structure and headspace on the defensive end during a close game such as this.

If it wasn’t for the team’s constant and consistent persistence as well as some fabulous coaching from Mr Ernest and Noah, we wouldn’t have been able to drastically improve our water polo expertise and bring home a grand final victory for the school. Well played boys!

Tom (Year 10) and Toby (Year 10)