Friday 20 October 2017

Wanless Family Aviation Scholarship

The recently announced Wanless Family Aviation Scholarship has found its inaugural recipient.

Following the interview and flight evaluation process, Cooper Simmons, a current Year 10 student at Plenty Campus, was selected as the inaugural recipient of the scholarship. Cooper is an Air Force Cadet and has had a passionate interest in aviation for many years. Cooper began his flight training last year and hopes to become a pilot.

Cooper’s father, a QANTAS pilot, thanked the Wanless Family for creating this opportunity for school-aged students.

‘Aviation is an extremely rewarding career and there is already a shortage of pilots in Australia. It’s fantastic that somebody will be helped in achieving an aviation career through your generosity. Also, thank you for taking Cooper on a training flight as part of the selection process. He was ecstatic about the whole experience that you provided him with.’

Cooper was awarded his scholarship by Greig Wanless (’74) at a recent School assembly.