Monday 17 August 2015

Visiting Author – Lili Wilkinson

Australian author Lili Wilkinson kept the Year 8 girls captivated as she spoke about how she became a writer, her love of reading, her writing process and her new book, ‘Green Valentine’.

With her witty sense of humour and enthusiasm she explained that she draws her inspiration from everyday life such as museums, her friends and reading books, from fairy-tales to Australia’s colonial history.

An accomplished author, Lili has also written for several publications, including The Age, and managed, a website for teenagers about books, as part of her role at the Centre For Youth Literature at the State Library of Victoria.

With the 70th anniversary of Book Week right around the corner, Lili gave the School’s budding authors some inspiration for their own writing:

‘She was amazing, friendly, funny and kind. She gave us valuable insight into what it’s like to be a writer. She was entertaining and it was by far one of the best author visits that I have ever had.’
,, – Jess

‘I thought Lili was really funny and inspirational. She gave me another perspective on reading and that makes me want to read a lot more. She was fantastic and I would really enjoy it if she came to the School again.’
,, – Emily

‘Lili was really nice and funny. The back stories behind her books were really interesting. She was a really great talker and helped all of us understand how much goes into writing a book.’
,, Ruby

‘I really enjoyed Lili’s presentation and immediately wanted to borrow her new book, Green Valentine.’
,, – Freya