Monday 04 August 2014

Visiting Author George Ivanoff

On Monday 21 July, author George Ivanoff visited the Year 8 boys to discuss writing, reading and choosing a career you love. Ivanhoff is a Melbourne author who has written over 70 books for children and teenagers, both fiction and non-fiction. In 2010 his teen science fiction novel, Gamers Quest won a Chronos Award for speculative fiction and the sequel was shortlisted in 2012.

George’s latest series of books, the interactive You Choose series, are centered on themes such as choice, consequence, adventure and survival. Growing up, Ivanoff loved reading interactive stories such as the Choose Your Own Adventure novels, where he got to make decisions about the direction of the story. “The idea that I, as a reader, could make choices that influenced the outcome of a story was mind-blowing”, Ivanhoff said.

The visit from Ivanoff inspired the students to expand their creativity and further develop their writing skills such as structuring the story, questioning techniques, writing dialogue, and creating fast paced chains of events and key features of the text.