Tuesday 15 July 2014

Victorian SRC Conference

In Term 2, Ivanhoe Grammar School Student Representative Council (SRC) members attended the Victorian SRC Conference held at John Fawkner College. The Conference provided teachers and students the opportunity to network across schools, to learn from each other, gain new skills and work together on common issues. The Conference aims to create a positive environment for students and teachers to meet goals and to empower everyone involved.

The SRC is comprised of those who want to help their fellow students by presenting ideas to the School Council which benefit the students and school community. The SRC is responsible for updating its peers about important information which affects the student body. Being an SRC member provides students with an opportunity to develop important skills such as leadership, respect and negotiation, which can be used throughout their lifetime.

The students involved thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would definitely like to attend the conference in the future and said the conference was a great way of meeting other students and listening to differing viewpoints about what was important to their school.

Some of the ideas that resulted from the SRC Conference to be implemented in the future include social days which promote community involvement and is based on the positive education model, teach the teacher programs and ways of exploring feedback from others. The SRC are excited to take on the responsibility of varying aspects of school life and engaging with the wider school community.