Tuesday 28 July 2015

Victorian Schools Volleyball Cup

Four teams from Ivanhoe Grammar School attended the three day Volleyball Schools Cup held at the State Volleyball Centre in Dandenong. This is the second year that the School has participated in the tournament and we found that the competition was fierce from some very strong school teams across Victoria.

Ivanhoe Grammar School was represented in the Open Division 2 by both a Girls’ and a Boys’ team, which comprised of students from Years 9 to 11.

At one stage on Saturday evening all Ivanhoe teams were still in the semi-finals and looking for victory, in the end our teams placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. This was a remarkable effort for a school still quite young and inexperienced in the Volleyball world and up against some ‘Volleyball specialist’ schools.

The Open Girls’ came fourth with a very close game in the bronze play off, with only a few points the difference, whilst the Open Boys’ took home the Bronze medal with a strong victory in the 3rd V 4th playoff.

Our Year 8 (U/15’s) was strongly represented with players and talent, playing in the highest division of all our School teams. They made it through to the Grand Final game in Division 1 undefeated, yet unfortunately they were beaten on the day by 2 points in the third set. Their silver medal was a great achievement for the Junior Girls and they are going to be an exciting team to watch in the coming years.

In the Under 15 Division 2 Grand Final, our Year 8 Boys’ won gold with a strong win, their skill and teamwork improved with each game and we look forward to what the future will bring with these budding young Volleyballers. The next step for all these keen young athletes is representing the school at the Australian Schools Volleyball Cup held at MSAC in December.

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