Friday 18 October 2019

VICTAS Round Square Cluster Conference

On Monday 14 October the Victorian and Tasmanian Round Square Junior schools gathered at Plenty Campus, known as the VICTAS Cluster. This gathering has become a tradition where student delegations gather to unpack the IDEALS of Round Square, on this occasion the IDEAL of Democracy was the key educational focus.

Former Ivanhoe Grammar School teacher Annie Woollard facilitated a day of critical thinking and problem solving, based on real-world challenges faced by the United Nations and citizens of the world. Students mixed together and presented their solutions to the United Nations Children’s Council formed for the day. It was tremendous to see collaboration among students and new social connections forming. A big thank you to all students and teachers from Billanook College, Ballarat Grammar, Scotch Oakburn College and Woodleigh School for joining us at Plenty Campus.

Student Reflections

I thought that the VICTAS Cluster was an excellent opportunity for students from different schools to meet and learn about each other. Throughout the day, I learnt lots of different things about democracy, global citizens and even completed a task on solving world problems with people who were in my team. Our ideas were judged by a group of people who were acting as the United Nations. I really enjoyed the beginning of the day where we walked around the Founders’ Centre meeting students from other schools. Overall, I think that that the VICTAS Cluster was a brilliant success because we learnt more about democracy and met new people.

On Monday, we were provided with extraordinary opportunity to participate in the Round Square gathering at Plenty Campus. At the start of the day, I got to meet lots of new people and make lots of new friends. We all learnt about democracy and global citizens. After recess, we were sorted into groups with people we did not know and were told to try and figure out more creative ways to solve problems that are occurring in countries around the world. Personally, my favourite part of the day was after lunch where we found ways to raise awareness by using songs, posters, raps…etc. Overall, I thought it was a great success because we had a great time and we learnt a lot.