Wednesday 07 May 2014

VCE Production of Cosi

On Tuesday 29 April and Wednesday 30 April VCE Theatre Studies students performed in a production of Cosi by Louis Nowra. This was part of VCE Theatre studies (Units 2 & 3) and the students involved put on a wonderful performance.

This comedic piece brought together the forces of Year 11 and Year 12 students in a performance that was fast-paced, hilarious and polished, and served as a vehicle to showcase the talents of this ensemble of talented young actors.

Like the opera from which its name is borrowed, Cosi explores the powers of love, fidelity, theatre and politics. This comedy by acclaimed Australian playwright Louis Nowra is equally hilarious, touching and thought provoking in its depiction of asylum-life and early-seventies corduroy.

Staged in the new ArtsEdge building at Locksley, both performances played to capacity audiences who shared the joy of high-level theatre-making that was well cast and impressively performed.

The general feeling over both nights was that every cast member had their moment to shine. Not only did the students’ thoroughly enjoy putting on this production but the audience on both nights remarked on how impressive the calibre of acting was amongst these talented students.

Ivanhoe Grammar School has a flourishing performing arts program read all about it here