Tuesday 18 October 2022

Valedictory Dinner 2022

The Class of 2022 celebrated the end of their schooling era at their respective campus-based Valedictory dinners.  The 2022 cohort was recognised for their resilience and grit, courage and compassion.

The celebrations began on Thursday evening with Plenty Campus Year 12s enjoying an evening at Leonda on the Yarra and continued Friday evening with The Ridgeway Campus Valedictory dinner held at Melbourne Town Hall. Principal Gerard Foley noted the importance of this milestone not only for students but for their parents as well.

‘Tonight is a rite of passage where students rightly celebrate closing one chapter in their lives, but it is also an important occasion for all parents here tonight as you celebrate with your children and my how time has flown since they were babies, toddlers, adolescents and now young adults.’

School Captains Sam and Aroha who attended Plenty Campus spoke about the lessons they learnt from their final year at school and the importance of friends.

‘Year 12 taught us things about ourselves. How to carry ourselves during times of stress, the importance of leaning on friends or going to ask for help when things may have gotten too overwhelming at times and even learning to enjoy the beauty of a school routine and getting the opportunity to see people we’ve grown up with every day for the last six years of our life.’

School Captains Luke and Ruby who attended The Ridgeway Campus talked about the special moments that made up their time in secondary school, ending on the unique experience of their last year at school.

‘We are, as 18-year-olds go, pretty brilliant. Our year has the uncanny ability to make every single person feel connected. Despite the stress, we all undoubtedly feel, the best part was looking at someone else in a class and grinning in grim agreement that we would be up late that night or huddling over notes before an assessment only to figure out it wasn’t on the test whatsoever. To each and every person here who said hi as you walked past someone you didn’t really know, who laughed with someone over year 12 jumper names, and who offered reassurance in a bathroom, a hallway, a stairwell, or before walking into an exam, know that you are what has made this year so special. It is the little bits of kindness, of giving people your energy even when you feel you have none, that have forged the class of 2022. Your care for one another is palpable, constant, and deserves recognition. From us to you, congratulations on such a memorable end to 6 years.’

Their support and respect towards one another were recognised with Principal Gerard Foley saying,

‘Importantly, and for me, the thing that stands out most about the class of 2022 is the respect you had for each other. You celebrated and supported each other’s achievements regardless of gender, regardless of sexual orientation or identity, regardless of nationality, or religious beliefs – because at our School, at Ivanhoe Grammar School, we are all Ivanarians. We are all part of the broad tapestry of diversity that makes our school even richer in its experiences. As the words of our school song say “we are proud to be members of Ivanhoe School” On behalf of the entire Ivanhoe Grammar School Community we thank the Class of 2022 for leading the way, for leaving a legacy of acceptance and change for others to follow.’