Thursday 20 October 2016

Valedictory Dinner

The Plenty Campus Valedictory dinner for the class of 2016 was held on Monday 17 October at Plenty Ranges Arts and Convention Centre.

It was a wonderful evening where all parents and students of the graduating class came together to celebrate their time at Ivanhoe Grammar School. The Year 12 Level Manager highlighted each student’s achievements during their time at Ivanhoe as they were presented on stage.

The School Captains delivered an outstanding speech describing the Class of 2016’s journey through Ivanhoe Grammar School, before acknowledging and showing gratitude towards the School, its teachers as well as their peers with whom they have shared many wonderful times together. Parents were also acknowledged with each individual student presenting a personalised gratitude letter to their parents.

The Principal, Mr Foley praised the year level for their efforts over the years, whilst also indicating that this group of students would certainly make their mark as they transition into the real world. Mr Foley also acknowledged Mrs Deborah Sukarna for her contributions to the Plenty Campus as she concludes her time at the campus.

The Year 12 Band performed a stunning rendition of ‘Follow the Sun’ by Xavier Rudd before the sensational Year 12 Video was shown which highlighted Year 12 and school events that were held throughout the year. To conclude the evening the Class of 2016 performed ‘Lanterns’ by Birds of Tokyo together as a group for the final time.