Monday 25 May 2015

Urban History Program begins

Students in Year 9 have commenced the Urban History part of their Year 9 Program. The students were divided into groups and participated in various activities. Some kayaked, many in the rain while others participated in a walking tour of Richmond conducted by author Robert Newton, who took them to the places that featured in his novel Runner.

Others have spent hours in the Richmond Historical Society, whose prime objective is collecting and preserving information and material about the history of Richmond, Burnley and Cremorne. The Society includes information, photographs, and publications about the people, buildings, homes, industries, schools, societies and groups who were all part of the development of Richmond.

During the Year 9 Urban History program, students visit locations and conduct interviews around Richmond as they discover how the inner suburb has changed over time and what makes it thrive today.

The year 9 program encourages students to learn by experience, to be independent, and to interact with adults other than teachers. Students have enjoyed being treated as young adults and being able to make choices. Programs relate back to the curriculum of their formal classes but also encourage and allow students to develop skills in time management and decision making and a wide variety of other areas that they will carry with them into the Senior Years also into adulthood.

For further details about the Year 9 Program, click here