Tuesday 16 September 2014

Urban History Film Night

The Urban History film night held on Monday 15 September was a wonderful success. The film night was designed to showcase the projects the Year 9 students completed throughout the Urban History program, in which students visit locations and conduct research and interviews around Richmond. Here, they discover how the inner suburb has changed over time and what makes it thrive today.

Students arrived “dressed to the nines” and were met by the awaiting ‘Paparazzi’ (also known as Mr Burton) who photographed them on the red carpet as April serenaded the arriving guests on piano.

With assistance from staff, the evening was hosted by three students with an audience of delighted parents, students, staff and friends.

Prior to the screening, parents were given the opportunity to view some of the projects via an external website link. If you would like to view the students’ projects, click here.

The Year 9 program encourages students to learn by experience, to be independent, and to interact with adults other than teachers. The program also enables students to develop skills in time management and decision making as well as a wide variety of other areas that will not only carry with them into the Senior Years, but also into adulthood.